WALLETT'S COURT is a place to spend time sleeping, eating, drinking, & relaxing combining a welcoming atmosphere with food that is carefully sourced and prepared, served by caring people genuinely interested in our guests happiness. We strive for a calm, safe & happy environment for all, a fair profit for the owners, and a rewarding place to work for The WALLETT'S COURT Team.

We do not pretend to be anything other than a place to sleep in comfort, a place to enjoy food and drink sourced and prepared with care or a place in which to relax & be happy.

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Our Environmental Responsibility
At WALLETT'S COURT HOTEL, we constantly challenge ourselves to provide the right environment for our guests and staff team. To achieve this, we rely heavily on external resources, such as water, energy, waste-recycling services, wholesome food products, eco-friendly cleaning materials, detergents, and laundry services. In fact, we depend on the very same items we use in our homes, but in greater volumes. We also realise the need to protect our natural environment and, as such, we place huge importance on the management of these precious resources. Over time, we have been implementing policies and systems designed to reduce the impact we have on our natural environment.

Water Conservation
We continue to reduce the volumes of water used by the introduction of fittings and equipment that eliminates the excessive use of water. These measures include water-efficient showerheads and toilet cisterns. We also use collected rainwater in appropriate circumstances.

Energy Conservation
We are in the process of installing energy saving equipment throughout the hotel. We monitor energy usage and have implemented systems to reduce wastage. The positive consequences of this are that there is a reduction of carbon into the atmosphere by the more efficient use of energy. In addition to this, we have signed up to the Green Tourism Business Scheme and hope to achieve further energy savings over time with the installation of state of the art technologies.

Provenance of Supply

We have a strict code of conduct when it comes to sourcing of ingredients. All meat and meat products can be sourced back to the producer. Where possible local, free-range, organic and sustainable produce is used. We use only Fair Trade and Rain Forest Alliance certified tea and coffee. We do not use game that have been subjected to cruelty by being stocked for the sole purpose of hunting. Foraging expeditions are conducted on land owned by Wallett's Court or on land on which the experts have been granted permission. The amount of plants foraged from these areas is limited and years of experience shows that leaving the greater proportion of edible plants including roots intact means a more prosperous environment for future generations. If the expedition passes through SSSIs or AONBs it does not instruct or condone the removal of plants from these areas. We advise against using wild food unless absolutely certain of its suitability for human consumption. Wallett's Court operates a strict environmental policy and is involved in projects to support responsible and sustainable tourism. For further details see our Mission Statement and Green Policy.

Launched in 2008, our waste management programme directs our waste from landfill towards "Reduce, Re-use and Recycle". We are now extracting glass, cardboard, newspapers and aluminium cans from our waste streams and have invested in state-of-the-art equipment for the on-site treatment of organic waste which is prepared and passed for composting.

Smoke Free Zone
Since 1st May, 2008, smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas at
The primary purpose of the prohibition is to afford protection to staff and the public who are exposed to harmful environmental tobacco smoke. We respectfully ask all our guests to comply with this request.

Community Projects
We support the local Sustainable Communities Project (launched 12th March 2008) - St. Margaret's-at-Cliffe and St. Margaret's Bay has been earmarked as a 'Low Carbon Community'. The hotel is actively engaged in promoting this campaign through individual involvement and sponsorship of various schemes such as The 'Green Footprint Group' set up by the Dover Grammar School for Boys. An initiative which offers workshops and advice on green issues to the local primary school. Members of the hotel team have also had involvement in the steering group which set up a company which now provides meals made from locally sourced produce to over 1500 students in local schools.

We are also members of a group which brings together accommodation providers, restaurateurs and other tourist related service providers in the immediate locality to promote and sustain a responsibly run tourism destination. The hotel employs a staff of around 12 all from the immediate local area. All staff live within a 5 mile radius and are encouraged to use sustainable forms of travel to and from work. The restaurant relies heavily on the local community and partnerships with local businesses to supply produce. Locally reared meat is prioritised as is locally grown fruit and vegetables from 'The Garden of England'. All fish used is from sustainable sources mostly from local day boats. We also use produce from our own gardens and orchards.

For over 25 years we have been involved in a group of Saturday morning volunteers who have tirelessly marched down to the beach at St. Margaret's Bay with litter-pickers and orange sacks in hand to clean the beach of washed-up and dropped rubbish. We have litter-pickers (in the umbrella stand in the lounge) available for guests use if they would like to make a positive impact on the enviornment during their stay.

What can you do?
During your stay you could help too by doing the following…
Turn off all lights when leaving your room.
Turn off the TV when leaving your room. Remember, leaving a TV on standby uses energy too.
If your room is hot, turn the heating down (or ask us to) before opening windows.
If your room is cold, check for open windows. Get under the covers…
Don't throw/take away the glass water bottles, we recycle and re-use these.
Place towels that need changing in the bath/shower. If you wish to re-use towels place them on the towel rails. (We use plant based cleaning products with rapid biodegradable materials throughout the hotel.)
Save water… When was the last time you shared a bath?
Please don't flush non-biodegradable materials (use bins provided for nappies, sanitary towels etc.)

Thanks ever so much for helping to achieve our environmental goals.

Gavin Oakley, Owner -on behalf of The Team at WALLETT'S COURT HOTEL
(Seen here on a bright winter's morning doing his bit for the environment at St. Margaret's Bay)

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